WHY magnesium is so important

✅Magnesium is one of the most common mineral deficiencies in this country. 

Why is this?⬇️

1) A diet of sugar, processed foods, caffeine and alcohol cause your body to expel magnesium

2) Stress causes our body to use magnesium at a faster rate

3) Drinking fluoridated water can decrease magnesium since it binds to it

4) Refined grains are stripped of their magnesium content

What are just a few reasons why magnesium is so important?⬇️

1) Regulates blood pressure and our circulatory system

2) Prevents muscle cramping

3) Promotes deeper and more restful sleep

4) Regulates nervous system and diminishes stress

5) Enables our cells to produce more energy

There is a higher risk of the following conditions when you are magnesium deficient:⬇️

1) Muscle cramping

2) High blood pressure

3) Varicose/Spider Veins

4) Restless Leg Syndrome

5) Panic Attacks

Some of the best food sources of magnesium are:⬇️

1) Leafy greens🥬

2) Nuts/seeds

3) Avocado🥑

4) Bananas

5) Dark chocolate🍫


PLEASE NOTE: Proper absorption of magnesium and all other nutrients relies on optimal digestion. There are also many forms of supplemental magnesium to choose from, some are more appropriate depending on what your health priority is at the current time.

➡️To determine the best food and supplemental sources of nutrients and to optimize your digestion, contact me and I will develop a personalized plan for you to create and maintain vibrant health!