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“Christine's expertise has positively changed my health - physical and mental - in ways I could have never expected! She has an incredibly profound knowledge about all things health, ranging from dietary adjustments to preventative care to daily tips and tricks. Most importantly for me, a college student on a budget, Christine's Reclaim Your Health program gives me easily applicable and doable recommendations that I can fully understand and feel good about. Fundamentally centered around my own body, the changes I have made through the program require only basic, natural, and simple steps. Christine does an amazing job translating and tailoring the complex technicalities of health and mindfulness into effective and realistic steps for each individual. “…..Sandy Ra, Metuchen NJ

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“Christine is a caring health professional who will definitely make a difference in your life.”….Pete Sarni, Point Pleasant, NJ


“Working with Christine was honestly one of the most valuable steps I could have taken in improving my health. I have chronic lyme disease, and therefore a lot of chronic inflammation, pain, and digestive issues. Not to mention all my allergies and sensitivities; in short, I'm a challenging client, but not too challenging for Christine! After the intake information, she really took the time to review my case in detail, and speak to me on a personal level to get the full story. She takes great care to provide incredibly thorough, individualized help, genuinely feeling for her clients. She is very knowledgeable, yet very easy to talk to. My diet itself and my attitude towards my diet has vastly improved (in ways I would have never guessed or been able to research myself), and I'm already noticing a huge difference. I am SO grateful for all her help!”…..Kira Lerant , Ewing, NJ

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“I have to admit at first I was very wary about contacting Christine. I’ve dealt with many nutritional professionals while battling my weight problem. I am so happy I did. I’ve been working with Christine for the last 2 months and I’ve lost a total of 25lbs. Implementing her nutritional meal plan with low impact exercise has changed my life. I went for a check up last week and my sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides have all lowered. Thank you so Christine for helping change my life.”……Mike Kavaler, Manalapan NJ