Journey to Menopausal Wellness: The Influence of Food, Mood, and Sleep

My 3-Month Food, Mood, and Sleep Journal Journey

published on Nov 08, 2023 by Christine Cernera

🌻 Whether you find yourself at the threshold of change, in the midst of the heat, or relishing the calm on the other side, one thing remains constant: the importance of addressing the foundations of health. At every stage of menopause, our bodies deserve the nurturing embrace of well-being.

In the whirlwind of hormonal shifts, addressing the fundamentals of health becomes not just a priority but a beacon guiding us toward relief. A poor diet, restless nights, and unchecked stress can amplify symptoms, making this transformative phase more challenging than it needs to be.

I'm sharing part of my personal through menopause, where I discovered that regardless of the stage, the key lies in tending to the roots of health. So, join me as we explore the transformative power of nurturing our bodies with kindness, embracing the foundations of well-being, and finding solace in the journey.

My Menopausal Journey

Hot flashes and night sweats, the unwelcome companions of many women going through menopause, had suddenly barged into my life the summer of 2019. Their erratic appearances turned my nights into turmoil and days into uncomfortable flashes of heat. Determined to find some semblance of relief, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery with the help of a food, mood, and sleep journal.

🌻 The Hot Flash Dilemma

For months, I'd struggled with these sudden, fiery intrusions into my life. But one day, it struck me: were there patterns to these hot flashes and night sweats that I'd been missing? After all, one of my number one recommendations for clients is keeping a food and mood journal when they are trying to determine the connection between what they are eating and how they are feeling.

I decided to document my daily life, starting with my food choices, stressors, and sleep patterns that I encountered. What began as a simple journal soon revealed a remarkable connection between my emotional state, sleep quality, what I ate, and the frequency of these discomforting episodes.

📔 Enter the Food, Mood, and Sleep Journal: A Path to Understanding

Armed with a journal and a desire for answers, I started recording my daily experiences, focusing on four key aspects:

1. Food Choices: My journal entries featured the foods I consumed, their types, portion sizes, and meal times.

2. Emotional State: I noted my stress levels, moods, and any emotional fluctuations throughout the day.

3. Sleep Patterns: Tracking the quality and duration of my sleep became an integral part of my nightly routine.

4. Hot Flashes/Night Sweats: I carefully recorded the timing and intensity of these unwelcome guests.

🔍 The Revelation: Stress, Food, Sleep, and Hot Flashes

After a few weeks of journaling, I started to see a clear pattern emerging. The more stressed I felt, the more my sleep suffered and the poorer my food choices became. Remarkably, this trifecta seemed to intensify the hot flashes and night sweats.

My food, mood, and sleep journal allowed me to connect the dots: during stressful times, my sleep was more disrupted and I often reached for sugary, high-fat, and processed comfort foods. This perfect storm intensified my menopausal symptoms!

🌟 The Power of Knowledge and Change

Armed with this newfound insight, I decided to take charge of my emotional responses, food choices, and sleep patterns. Stress management techniques became my ally, and I made a conscious effort to opt for nourishing, whole foods. Improving my sleep hygiene became a priority as well. The transformation was gradual, but it was unmistakable.

As weeks turned into months, my hot flashes and night sweats diminished in both frequency and intensity. My emotional well-being improved, and I experienced more restful nights. I was no longer a passive bystander to my menopausal symptoms; I was actively influencing their course.

🌼 Conclusion: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing

My experience with a food, mood, and sleep journal has been an eye-opening journey of self-discovery and healing. It reminded me that the impact of our emotional state, sleep patterns, and food choices on our health is profound.

In retrospect, I've not only gained control over my menopausal symptoms but also acquired a powerful tool for living a healthier, more balanced life. I hope that by sharing my experience, you can embark on a similar journey of understanding and healing, empowered by the knowledge that change is within your reach. Your food, mood, and sleep journal might just be the key to unlocking your own path to well-being.


Menopause is a uniquely personal journey, with each of us navigating it in our own way due to our bioindividuality. If, despite making consistent improvements to your diet and lifestyle, you find that your menopausal symptoms persist, consider seeking the support of a trusted healthcare practitioner. Choose someone well-versed in menopause, who can collaborate with you to achieve the relief you seek. Your well-being is a priority, and a knowledgeable partner can make a significant difference in your menopausal experience.