Health made easy

Learn the skills you need to support your health through real food and lifestyle changes.

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RESTART your health

A five-week workshop with real food, real learning, and real support.

Cleanse your body with a three-week sugar detox.
Learn how to improve your digestion.
Develop a healthier relationship with sugars and fats.
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Individualized health and lifestyle guidance

Every person, and body, is different. I’m trained to tailor my support accordingly.

Holistic analysis of your lifestyle
Goal-setting and weekly check-ins.
Personalized meal plans and grocery lists
Free consultation

Order a meal plan

Most of us hardly have time to cook, let alone shop for and prepare healthy meals in advance.

Comprehensive grocery lists.
Tailored plans for any diet.
Easily swap out meals you don’t like.
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An example of a meal from one of Christine's meal plans.
A picture of Christine Cernera, founder of Reclaim Your Health LLC

Hi, I'm Christine!

As the founder of Reclaim Your Health, holistic health has been my passion for over seven years now. I have received training as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, a RESTART instructor, and a Restorative Wellness Practitioner.

My health journey started when my son was sick with a mystery illness for over five months in eighth grade. During these months the medical system failed me and I needed to find another path to wellness.

After many trials and errors, I found my way to restoring my son’s health through food and lifestyle changes. Since then, I’ve done the same for myself, the rest of my family, and now, my clients.