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Functional nutrition and holistic health solutions

Traditional nutritionists and doctors often treat symptoms without getting to the root problem. I work differently—I help you build a strong foundation of health.

Preventative wellness is my speciality.
Helping you is my passion.

Utilizing over seven years of knowledge and experience with health and wellness, I can help you take control of your health.

Rediscover Real Food

Human beings have the same body parts but we all function differently based on genetics, diet, mindset and lifestyle. One aspect of good health that we all need equally is real, whole food that is prepared properly. It provides the raw materials for our cells to be healthy and function optimally.  I will teach you how to rediscover the beauty of real food and support you in incorporating more of it into your life.

Restore your gut health

"All disease begins in the gut." ....Hippocrates

The importance of a healthy gut microbiome is a relatively new science but the research continually points to the positive impact a healthy gut has on overall health.  Combining a thorough health history, comprehensive symptom assessment and functional testing, I can create a customized gut health protocol.

Regulate your blood sugar

Blood sugar regulation is a top priority for your body, and it is always working to keep it balanced. If your body's resources cannot provide this regulation, conditions such as hypoglycemia, pre-diabetes or Type II diabetes may develop. I work with you to develop bio-individual recommendations that will support healthy blood sugar regulation.

Revitalize your energy

We all want to live a life with boundless energy and do the things we love to do. The food you consume, your gut health and blood sugar regulation all affect your energy level. If these are not addressed, optimized energy will be difficult to achieve. This is where I will help you. I provide the education and support you need to navigate a healthy lifestyle that works for you.

Explore my services

Quick and Healthy Breakfast Plan

Meal Planning can be intimidating so let me help you get set up for success with my free meal plan. Get a taste of how organizing your meal planning can help you create a positive change in your health and your taste buds. Healthy food does not have to be boring when you have the tools you need to create quick, healthy and delicious meals.

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Restart® Program

RESTART is a 5-week educational/support group that meets once per week where participants learn how their body responds to the foods they eat while learning important nutrition topics and experience a guided 3-week sugar detox. RESTART is the solution to reducing inflammation in your body, losing weight and learning about what foods work for you.

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Fullscript Dispensary

You cannot supplement your way out of a poor diet but appropriate, targeted supplementation can help you reach health goals while you are making dietary and lifestyle changes. Fullscript carries practitioner grade supplements from a trusted source at discounted prices.

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Health Reset

Have you been thinking about making changes to your diet and lifestyle for a while but do not know where to start? My Health Reset is for you. I will make personalized recommendations that will set you on the right track to feeling better, looking better and getting healthier.

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Ready for a Change 12-week Program

This is the program for you if you have been struggling with chronic digestive symptoms without resolution or finding it difficult to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I will provide 3 months of support and guidance and create a plan that works for you. We meet regularly to check on your progress throughout our time together.

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Customized Meal Planning

Let me know your favorite foods, not-so-favorite foods, allergies, food sensitivities and other dietary requirements to create a meal plan just for you!

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